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Pray the Rosary Pamphlet How to Pray the Rosary Folder Rosary Prayers
Rosary Prayers
Our Price: $2.75

This is a beautifully illustrated 8 page pamphlet which includes the Joyful, Sorrowful, Luminous and Glorious Mysteries. This measures 6.25" x 14".

This is made of Deluxe Heavy Card Stock Laminated with Silver Foil Stamping and includes the Joyful, Sorrowful, Luminous and Glorious Mysteries which is beautifully illustrated. This is an 8 Page Pamphlet and measures

6.25" x 14"
The twenty mysteries are illustrated in full color with 54 pages. The text is printed in two colors. This measures 3.5" x 5.5"
Do You Love Me? Rosary Book Keepsake Key
Do You Love Me?
Our Price: $4.00
Rosary Book
Our Price: $4.00
Keepsake Key
Our Price: $10.00
Sale Price
: $4.99
Savings: $5.01
A guaranteed way to improve your marriage — immediately!

In the Fall of 1987, a local Catholic men's group asked publisher John Barger to give a talk at their monthly breakfast meeting.
John chose to speak in some detail about his life with Susan, his wife of fifteen years, who had died of cancer just a few months before, leaving John with seven children to care for.
In the talk, which he entitled "Do You Love Me?," John spoke frankly of his own failings and the sorrow and anger that those failings had provoked in Susan long before her cancer was diagnosed, causing their marriage to become a battleground.
But John also offered simple, spiritual remedies for those failings — remedies which, he said, any man or woman could use to heal the wounds that most couples suffer in marriage, and even to transform any marriage into a covenant of love.
Better yet, John said that they were proven remedies: before Susan had fallen sick, he himself had used them to eliminate the strife between them and to make theirs into a happy home.
Then death intervened.
At the end of the talk, silence filled the room: not one of the men asked a question or even spoke. John left a few minutes thereafter, thinking the talk had been a failure.
Then a phone call: "John, some of the guys at the breakfast were overwhelmed by what you said. Could you let us have a Xerox of what you said?" He did.
A month or so later John found that hundreds more copies had been made, and were circulating throughout the state!
So he let us print the talk as a small booklet so that others could have it to help repair their damaged marriages, and make good marriages better.
Since that morning late in 1987, "Do You Love Me?" has helped more than 100,000 couples, and has been published in dozens of newspapers and magazines around the world, and broadcast on a number of national radio shows.
It will help your marriage, too.
The Rosary Book is a 32 page Bonella Artwork and Gold Stamped cover. This measures 4" x 6"
The Keepsake Key for Wedding is made of zinc and measures 5" L, 1.25" H with charm. Inscribed on the barrel of the key is "Blessings on your Wedding". It comes in a gift box.
Keepsake Key Keepsake Key Two Souls, Two Hearts - Plaque
Keepsake Key
Our Price: $10.00
Sale Price
: $4.99
Savings: $5.01
Keepsake Key
Our Price: $10.00
Sale Price
: $4.99
Savings: $5.01
The Keepsake Key for 25th Anniversary is made of zinc and measures 5" L, 1.25" H with charm. Inscribed on the barrel of the key is "Blessings on your Anniversary". It comes in a gift box.
The Keepsake Key for 50th Anniversary is made of zinc and measures 5" L, 1.25" H
with charm.  Inscribed on the barrel of the key is "Blessings on your Anniversary".  It comes in a gift box.

"Two souls, two hearts, united to beat as one"
Plaque is made of wood and paper. It measures 8.5" L x 2.75" H x .5" D.

Loving The Holy Mass Popular Catholic Novenas A Mother's Manual
Loving The Holy Mass
Our Price: $6.50
A Mother's Manual
Our Price: $8.00
By Fr. Edward G. Maristany
This book will help you to look forward to going to Mass as often as possible.
In the personable and straightforward style which made Call Him Father so popular, Fr. Maristany brings to light the content, meaning and purpose of the Catholic Mass. The result is an effective guide into the spirit of the Liturgy, a valuable aid to experiencing in full the beauty and consolation of the greatest drama ever played.

Includes 19 of the Church's most beloved novenas to Our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, the Angels, the Saints, and the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

Part of the Aquinas Press® Growing in Faith Series, all titles are edited by Bart Tesoriero and include imprimatur.

©Michael Adams - Licensee Christian Brands

-- Paperback -- 4-1/4 x 6-1/4" H, 192 pgs

*In large print.

Prayers and directives for the mother and expectant mother. A true companion, inspiration and comfort in her joys, hopes,sorrows, loves, and anxieties. Size 3.5" 5.5" 218 Pages
A Father's Manual Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence How to Be Happy - How to Be Holy
A Father's Manual
Our Price: $8.00
Spiritual aids for the husband and father. Accommadates a long felt need for prayer and guidance. Size is 3.5" x 5.5" 159 Pages

Author: Rev. Fr. Saint-Jure & St. Claude de la Colombiere

"To remain indifferent to good fortune or to adversity by accepting it all from the hand of God without questioning, not to ask for things to be done as we would like them but as God wishes, to make the intention of all our prayers that God's will should be perfectly accomplished in ourselves and in all creatures is to find the secret of happiness and content."

Publication Date: 2009 Binding: Paperbound Dimensions: 4" X 6" X 0.25" Pages: 144 pages

Author: Rev. Fr. Paul O'Sullivan O.P.

Lovely short anecdotes from the lives of the Saints, showing us in a warm, encouraging and inspiring way the importance of prayer and the ease with which we can all derive great benefits therefrom, without yet being Saints ourselves. Covers the meaning of the basic Catholic prayers; plus, the Mysteries of the Rosary and the wonders of the Mass. Written for all and all should read it.

Publication Date: 2009 Binding: Paperbound Dimensions: 4.25" X 7" X 0.5" Pages: 234 pages

Holy Family 4" Our Lady of Guadalupe Rose Petal Rosary Searching for and Maintaining Peace: A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart
Holy Family 4"
Our Price: $10.00
A beautiful Holy Family that measures 4" and stands up.  Made of resin. The Our Lady of Guadalupe Rose Petal Rosary measures 6 mm with Rose Scented Wood Bead . The length is 19" and the Crucifix is 2.375" x 2.75" x 1.5" H. This comes with moulded Gift Case
We live in a day and age characterized by an extraordinary amount of agitation and lack of peace. This tendency manifests itself in our spiritual as well as our secular life. In our search for God and holiness, in our service to our neighbor, a kind of restlessness and anxiety take the place of the confidence and peace which ought to be ours. What must we do to overcome the moments of fear and distress which assail us all too often in our lives? How can we learn to place all our confidence in God and abandon ourselves into his loving care? This is what is taught in this simple, yet profound little treatise on peace of heart. Taking concrete examples from our everyday life, the author invites us to respond in a Gospel fashion to the upsetting situations we must all confront. Since peace of heart is a pure gift of God, it is something we should seek, pursue and ask him for without cease. This book is here to help us in that pursuit.

About the Author: Father Jacques Philippe is a “Shepherd” in the Communité du Lion de Juda in Rome. A priest since 1985, he regularly preaches retreats in France and abroad.
Divine Mercy (Scroll) Our Lady of Fatima (Scroll) Holy Family (Scroll)
Divine Mercy (Scroll)
Our Price: $12.00
Holy Family (Scroll)
Our Price: $12.00

Divine Mercy in a ceramic scroll measuring 8.5" x 5" Our Lady of Fatima in a ceramic scroll measuring 8.5" x 5" Holy Family ceramic in a scroll measuring 8.5" x 5"
Perpetual Help (Scroll) The Way (Mini Edition) Real Mercy: Mary, Forgiveness and Trust
Perpetual Help (Scroll)
Our Price: $12.00
The Way (Mini Edition)
Our Price: $13.00
Perpetual Help in a ceramic scroll measuring 8.5" x 5" Beloved by millions, The Way is St. Josemaría’s spiritually rich collection of points for meditation and prayer. Genial but pointed, The Way is born out of deep Christian experience and aims at encouraging people to love God and live for Him. Says St. Josemaría: The 999 points which make up The Way were written with yearnings to see Christ, the light of the world. Anyone who reads it with the same yearnings will not have opened this book in vain. This mini edition fits easily into the most jammed purse or pocket.
By Fr. Jacques Philippe
In Real Mercy, Father Jacques Philippe turns his focus on mercy in this book that developed from talks given on the first three days of the Year of Mercy beginning Dec. 8, 2015.
On that feast day of the Immaculate Conception, he explored how Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is an exemplar of mercy to the Church and the entire world. In a discreet but vital way she dispenses graces and favors with the compassion of a mother. His second essay on forgiveness in families hits home with everyone. No one has escaped the ill feeling and bitterness caused by strife and misunderstanding within the family, and yet the same family is intended to be the path for both earthly and eternal happiness. The author brings to light vivid examples of how lack of forgiveness causes severe damage while forgiveness heals and restores broken relationships. Finally, he uses the writings of St. Therese of Lisieux to show how trust in God’s mercy leads to extraordinary supernatural effects in one’s life and in the lives of those one touches.
Beloved Catholic Prayers Interior Freedom: Experiencing The Freedom Of The Children of God Time for God
Beloved Catholic Prayers
Our Price: $13.50
Time for God
Our Price: $13.50

The Beloved Catholic Prayers includes the greatest prayer of all, the Holy Mass, preparing for Confession. It is a wonderful companion when making a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, spending time in adoration. It also includes traditional prayers and devotions such as the Rosary and Stations of the Cross. It also includes prayers of healing and prayers of spiritual warfare.

All titles are edited by Bart Tesoriero and include imprimatur.

Vinyl cover edition features full-color insert and ribbon markers.

Gold Stamped Vinyl Cover, Ribbon Marker -- 4.25" W x 6.5" H, 256 Pages

*In large print

It's not always possible to control external events. There are so many things that are outside our control: the past, what others think of us, chronic health issues, other peoples' actions, the weather, unforeseen events. This list goes on and on.
It is possible, though, to gain more control over our interior life.
In his book "Interior Freedom" Fr. Jacques Phillipe shows us that we possess, each of us, inside of us a space of freedom that no-one can take away. Despite the most unfavorable outward circumstances, we can claim our freedom because God is its source and its guarantee. Without this, we will always be in search for something else to fulfill us, and we will never understand true happiness.
Fr. Philippe lays out a simple but important theme: "We gain possession of our interior freedom in proportion to our growth in faith, hope, and love." He explains that the dynamism between these three theological virtues is the heart of our spiritual life, and he underscores the key role of the virtue of hope in our spiritual growth.
Written in a simple and inviting style, Interior Freedom seeks to liberate the heart and mind to live the true freedom to which God calls each of us.
Many people today are thirsty for God and feel a desire for an intense, personal prayer life that is deep and ongoing. But they encounter obstacles that prevent them from following the path seriously, and especially from persevering on it. Time for God was written with these desires and difficulties in mind.
In the School of the Holy Spirit The Way of Trust and Love Called to Life
The Way of Trust and Love
Our Price: $13.50
Called to Life
Our Price: $13.50
In the prayer lives of many Christians there is one person of the Trinity that often goes overlooked - The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is no less involved in our lives than the Father and the Son, yet many are unaware of this. Jesus said about the Holy Spirit, "If I go, I will send you another Comforter." But are we aware of the Holy Spirit in our lives?
In the School of the Holy Spirit, by retreat master Jacques Philippe, will lead you to be more attentive to the movements of the Holy Spirit in your life as you learn to value the third person of the Trinity as the Sanctifier of your soul. Philippe explains the rewards of being attentive to the Holy Spirit, and provides simple and concrete ways to grow in this inner sensitivity.
In his clear and simple style, he illustrates his points with many examples from modern life. The book can be a valuable aid in your own spiritual journey.
St. Thérèse of Lisieux sought a new way to Heaven: “a little way that is quite straight, quite short: a completely new little way.” Blessed with personal limitations that might have discouraged another, Thérèse believed God would not have given her a desire for holiness if He did not intend for her to achieve it. She learned to humbly accept herself as she was and trust completely in God’s love.
First given as a retreat by renowned author Father Jacques Philippe, The Way of Trust and Love navigates excerpts of St. Thérèse’s writings phrase by phrase, extracting powerful, resonating insights. To Thérèse, the journey seemed “little” as she traveled it. A hundred and fifteen years after her death, the message of the young saint and Doctor of the Church has traveled around the world inspiring millions. With this newly translated study of her spirituality, many today will rediscover—or find for the first time—the relevance of “the little way,” in all seasons of life.
Fr. Jacques Philippe is well-known for his books on prayer and spirituality. A member of the Community of the Beatitudes, he regularly preaches retreats in France and abroad. He also spends much of his time giving spiritual direction and working for the development of the Community in Asia and Oceania where he travels frequently.
How do I find fulfillment in life? How do I obtain happiness? Despite a multitude of self-help books in recent years, these eternal questions have become increasingly urgent in today’s directionless world.
Author Jacques Philippe provides some answers. In his new book, Called to Life, he explains that a complete and fulfilled life is much more assured when we stop trying to chart our own course, when we realize that we are essentially creatures called by God. He goes on to describe where and how these calls take place: the events of life, the Word of God in Scripture, and interior motions of the Holy Spirit. Learning to recognize and follow these calls is what leads to a happy and full life.
Called to Life includes a special section on how to read Sacred Scripture prayerfully (Lectio Divina), making this a timely source of inspiration and guidance following up on the recommendations of Pope Benedict XVI and the 2008 Synod of Bishops on the Word of God.
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